Amelia Nottoway Technical Center & Piedmont Alternative School

Mission and Goals
  • To develop good work habits that will help the students positively interact with instructors, peers, and subordinates.
  • To develop those skills and attitudes that are necessary to function in today's society.
  • To develop ethical standards of behavior and active participation in our society as responsible family members and good citizens.
  • To develop safe working habits.
  • To promote a basic understanding of the appreciation for the public education.
  • To develop positive attitudes and develop a respect for continuous learning.
  • To help each student establish an effective value system based upon self-dignity and worth.
  • To promote educational enhancement through testing, remedial instruction, and GED preparation.



ANTC Announcements

Preliminary Strategic Plan

  • Preliminary Strategic Plan for public review and comment for the Amelia-Nottoway Technical Center.
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  • Comments should be sent to Mary Tisdale, M.Ed.
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